Episode 9

FOOD is our natural medicine featuring Kalinie Chand Doulat

"Adapt, change, recreate, but don't lose your connection."

This mini-sode brings the nurturing energy of my mother, Kalinie Chand Doulat who has healed herself on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - through natural medicine, including food. She discusses the origins of her connection to natural medicine, dating back to frequenting Indigenous (Amerindian) communities in Guyana, and how we can sustain this lifestyle today. A greater discussion on how food is our best medicine.

Learn more about Kalinie and visit Conscious Empowerment here today!

A reminder that Mother Earth is our greatest provider. Heal your body with a visualization meditation and healing sound bath by LUCIANA.

Moment of mindfulness: Feel the interconnectedness between you and Mother Earth.
Centering thought: Food can heal our bodies and deepen our spiritual connection.

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Namaste 🙏🏽 My name is Kaylin and I wear many hats including strategic change consultant, podcaster, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler. All of my experiences are rooted in mindfulness. During my six years of business school and working in the sports and entertainment industry, I learned how to listen to my intuition in the pursuit of my passions and developed habits to keep me grounded and prevent burnout. I believe we are all catalysts for change. But first, we must tune in. 🤍