Episode 15

Published on:

14th Nov 2021

INTEGRATE. Healing to wholeness.

"Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have."

Life is an ongoing journey of shedding old layers and creating new ones. These changes can be overwhelming, and that's why periods of integration are so important. This mini-sode explores the time necessary to heal ourselves, to act from a place of authenticity. A greater discussion on the importance of the relationship we keep with our self.

Honour yourself and this present moment with a guided meditation and healing sound bath by LUCIANA. Journaling is encouraged.

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Moment of mindfulness: Be gentle with yourself as you integrate into your new experience.
Affirmation: With each passing day, I am growing and living more authentically.

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About the Podcast

Your Moments of Mindfulness, Today.
As our lives become busier and moments pass by, let’s live in the present. How do you stay mindful in your life? Mini-episodes designed for your on-to go lifestyle. Every segment includes relatable storytelling, journal writing prompts, and a guided meditation with a sound bath by LUCIANA. Perfect for your brain breaks, morning intentions, or before bed. Headphones are recommended for the best listening experience.

New segments every Sunday.
Providing moments to reflect, breathe and connect with yourself and set intentions for your week ahead.

We are all catalysts for change. Tune in today.

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Kaylin Dyal

The light in me honors the light in you, and I'm here to create a space where all beings can shine. As an MBA candidate, marketing and business management consultant, registered yoga teacher and world traveler, I find myself in unique situations and settings every day. Whether in a graduate classroom, corporate office, new city, or at home, I believe we are all catalysts for change. But first, we must tune in. Through mindfulness, yoga, reflection and meditative practices, I've learned to listen to my inner voice, connect deeply with others, and walk a path of purpose. Walk with me, let's make magic together. 🤍